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Enguany fa 10 anys del triple accident nuclear a Fukushima. Per recordar-ho i ser conscients de les seves conseqüències hem aplegat diversos esdeveniments internacionals que ho tracten molt a fons:
- El primer, organitzat per la secció germànica de l'IPPNW (Simposi 10 anys vivint amb Fukushima)
- El segón, organitzat per la CRIIRAD francesa (Fukushima 10 anys, quines realitats?)
- El tercer, organitzat per Nuk0 Re100 (Global Conference for a Nuclear Free, Renewable Energy Future)
- El quart, organitzat per Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe (Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe – Ten Years Later)

Symposium: "10 years living with Fukushima"
Dia: 27 de febrer de 2021
Hora: de 9 del mati a 7 de la tarda
Lloc: Webinar
L'anunci del Simposi a la pàgina web de l'IPPNW Germany.
En aquest enllaç hi ha tota la grabació del Simposi.
La seqüència del Simposi va ser la següent:

Per descarregar el programa, clica aquí
- 9.00 - 9.20 am: Introduction and technical explanations
Dr. Alex Rosen, Pediatrician, Co-chair IPPNW Germany
Lara-Marie Krausse, Press Officer IPPNW Germany
- 9.20 – 9.40 am: Greetings from Fukushima and from all over the world
- 9.40 –10.00 am: Introduction to the nuclear catastrophe
Dr. Alex Rosen, Pediatrician, Co-chair IPPNW Germany
- 10.00–10.15am: Break
- 10.15 –10.45 am: The current situation in Fukushima
Shaun Burnie, Senior nuclear specialist, Greenpeace
- 10.45 –11.20 am: Low dose radiation health risks – epidemiology and evidence
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann, Epidemiologist, University Clinic Greifswald
- 11.20 –11.40 am: Break / Project Presentation: Nuclear Games – reaching the young generation through interactive storytelling
Andi Nidecker, PSR/IPPNW Switzerland and DOCMINE productions, Zurich, Switzerland
- 11.40 –12.45 am: Cancer in Fukushima, especially cases of pediatric thyroid cancer (1), Childhood thyroid cancer in Fukushima  (2)
Dr. Alex Rosen, Pediatrician, Co-chair IPPNW Germany (1)
Prof. Dr. Toshihide Tsuda, Epidemiologist, Okayama University (2)
- 12.45 –1.45 pm:  Lunch Break
- 1.45–2:20 pm: Effects of the nuclear catastrophe on perinatal morbidity and mortality 
Dr. Hagen Scherb, Biomathematician, Helmholtz Zentrum München
- 2.20 – 3.00 pm: Psychosocial effects of the nuclear catastrophe
Dr. Angelika Claussen, Psychiatrist, IPPNW Co-president Europe
- 3.00 – 3:15 pm: Break 
- 3.15 – 4.00 pm: Ecology in Fukushima: What does a decade tell us? 
Prof. Timothy Mousseau, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina
- 4.00 – 4.15 pm: Break
- 4.15 – 5.00 pm: Health consequences for workers in Fukushima
Felix Jawinski, Research associate at the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Leipzig
- 5.00 – 5.30 pm: Break
- 5.30 – 6.15 pm: Effects of the nuclear catastrophe on the oceans
Dr. Ken Buesseler, Senior Marine Chemist & Geo- chemist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
- 6.15 – 6.30 pm: Parallels and differences between Fukushima and Chernobyl 
Juliane Dickel, Nuclear and Energy policies lead, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND)
6.30 – 7.00 pm. Closing remarks, future research approaches, political demands 
Dr. Alex Rosen, Pediatrician, Co-chair of IPPNW Germany

Fukushima 10 ans, quelles réalités?
Dia: 6 de març de 2021
Hora: de les 11 del mati a 2/4 de sis de la tarda
Lloc: Webinar
L'anunci del Webinar a la pàgina web de la CRIIRAD, amb el detall dels ponents i els horaris de cadascun
En aquests enllaços hi ha tota la grabació del Simposi: matí, tarda

Nuke0 Re100 - Global Conference for a Nuclear Free, Renewable Energy Future
Dia: 11 de març de 2021
Hora: de 10am a 10 pm (Japan Standard Time, GMT+9)
Lloc: YouTube
L'anunci de la Conferència a la seva pàgina web, amb el detall dels ponents i els horaris de cadascun
En els següents enllaços hi les corresponents grabacions:
- G-1) Ten Years On: Perspectives from Japan on the Ongoing Nuclear Disaster and the Energy Future
- G-2) Toward a 311 East Asia Renewable Energy Community
- G-3) Wakasa Bay, Lake Biwa, and the Kansai Region - 50 years of the Movement Against Nuclear Power Plants
- G-4) The Days Since 311: The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
- G-5) Workers’ Exposure to Radiation Since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
- G-6) Amory B. Lovins Keynote: Disruptive Energy Futures
- G-7) Koide Hiroaki Keynote: Crimes of the Nuclear Power Mafia
- G-8) Online Remembrance
- G-9) The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020+
- G-10) March 11, 2011: Radiation Exposure of the Crew Members on the Nuclear-Powered Supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan
- G-11) Koizumi Junichiro Keynote: The Path Forward for Japan
- G-12) Don't Become a “Prisoner of Regulation“ - From the experience of the Independent Investigation Commission
- G-13) The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Pediatric Thyroid Cancer: Current Situation and Future Outlook
- G-14) Holding TEPCO Accountable
- G-15) Sea of Miracles
- G-16) Creating a 100% Renewable Energy Future from Fukushima
- G-17) The Path to Break Away from Nuclear Power: The View of Japan from India
- G-18) The Fukushima Disaster and the Coronavirus: Thinking Together with Storytellers of Nuclear Disasters Around the World
- G-19) Closing: Fukushima Today, and the Future we Create Together
També hi va haver la projecció dels següents films:
- E-0) Tell the Prime Minister
- E-1) NUCLEAR JAPAN: The Nightmare Continues
- E-3) Renewable Japan: The Search for a New Energy Paradigm
- E-6) The Seal Of The Sun
I una passejada virtual:
- V-1) Fukushima 10 Years On: Virtual Tour

Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe – Ten Years Later
Dia: 12 de març de 2021
Hora: de la 1 a les 4 de la tarda
Lloc: Webinar
CNFE - Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe
- 13:00 – 13:15 CET: Welcome: Jürgen Czernohorszky - Executive City Councillor for Climate, Environment, Democracy and Personnel of Vienna, Chair of Cities for Nuclear Free Europe
Moderation: Patricia Lorenz
Thematic bloc 1: Situation in Fukushima today
- 13:15 – 14:30 CET: Assessing today’s situation in Fukushima and Japan (politically) in consequence of a nuclear disaster, reflection on the emergency measures taken and showing that the catastrophe is far from over. 
Three presentations followed by Q&A: Greenpeace International, Jan van de Putte: “The current situation in Fukushima; ”Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan network; 
Thematic bloc 2: Impacts of a nuclear accident on the city and the region
- 14:45-16:00 CET: Emergency zones and iodine prophylaxis
En aquest enllaç hi ha els vincles per veure totes les presentacions